IMS 2008 June 20-24th

9th International Mathematica Symposium - Maastricht,
The Netherlands

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Important Dates (Updated!)

Abstract Submission February 11th
Notification of Acceptance February 19th
Final Submission April 15th


The International Mathematica Symposium has been held eight
times since its inception in 1995. Information about the past IMS
conferences is available by following the links below. Moreover, there
is a general IMS page (with pointers to the past IMS sites) at the URL

UK flag IMS 1995 Southampton, United Kingdom
Finland flag
IMS 1997 Rovaniemi, Finland
Austria flag
IMS 1999 Linz, Austria
Japan flag
IMS 2001 Tokyo, Japan
UK flag
IMS 2003 London, United Kingdom
Canada flag
IMS 2004 Banff, Canada
Australia flag
IMS 2005 Perth, Australia
French flag
IMS 2006 Avignon, France

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